You wanna know what kind of weekend I had?

I watched Charlie’s Angels two-and-a-half times, that’s what kind of weekend I had. And I had definite opinions concerning the television edit neutering the pacing of the movie. I swear though — Bill Murray popping up with that perfectly rendered gun made from soap with his teeth kills me every time.

probably the best line I’ve ever heard on ‘Law & Order’

Coroner: “I have to remove a javelin from a body.”
Lennie: “Why did you pursue this line of work?”
Coroner: “Free javelins.”

Notes from having watched three seasons of ‘Gilmore Girls’ very recently

  • Lauren Graham is edging past the scorching side of hot and should have about 27 Emmys on her mantle at this point.
  • Season three was a crappy season. The non-entity boyfriend Alex, a pointless and ridiculous reappearance of Max, Jess being an asshole, Lorelai being enormously self-centered and actually annoying me, Nicole and her heart that could cut glass, terrible actors acting in terrible flashbacks.
  • I can tolerate Rory annoying me by acting like a brat if it’s an attempt to make her character a little less perfect and more interesting. However, I cannot tolerate Lorelai annoying me. It makes me angry at the show.
  • I’m embarrassed to admit that my enjoyment of the show increases significantly when every episode doesn’t contain several scenes of actors wearing Chilton uniforms instead of pretty, pretty clothes. How girly is that?
  • Shut up, Kirk.
  • No more “quirky” (read: annoying as hell) townies. And cut back on the townies in general. They can be charming in small doses. Oh, except for Sookie and Michel. More Sookie and Michel please.
  • More Paris please, too. Liza Weil is an awesome, beautiful mad genius.
  • Rory has terrible taste in guys. To date, and in order, she has dated an adulterer, an asshole and a creep.
  • For two very sexy people, Lorelai and Luke have the most asexual relationship ever depicted on television.
  • Alexis Bledel does not know how to hug. The girl needs some classes or something.