Favorite Guilty Pleasure Movies

Clue (1985)
This movie is a classic of the broad comedy genre if you ask me. As a board game-to-film translation goes, I don't know if one could hope for much better. The cast is top knotch with Tim Curry standing out particularly. The comedy isn't particularly subtle or smart, but does it get any better than Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn) expressing her hatred for Yvette?

Mean Girls (2004)
While this satire doesn't entirely succeed due to the final 30 minutes resembling an after-school special, Mean Girls offers some quality laughs and an excellent performance by Rachel McAdams. I have lost count of how many little quotations from this film ("I know, right?" "Suck on that!") have been adopted as catchphrases by various friends of mine. Lindsay Lohan was still in the phase of her career in which she was actually acting and looking fresh-faced and fantastic. Oh, and we get sexy, funny, bespeckled Tina Fey in only her bra and a see-through tank top.

Music from Another Room (1998)
I can't really explain why I like this movie, but I can say that it's not because of Gretchen Moll. Maybe it's Brenda Blethyn, whom I always think is fabulous. Maybe it's Jennifer Tilly, whom I admit I kinda like despite her helium-infused acting voice. And I think that the blind sister storyline is actually the most interesting part of the movie. Maybe it's Jude Law, who at the time was still a new, very cute face that came with a charming accent. Maybe it's because I've always wanted to live above a bakery because my apartment would smell fucking amazing.

Freaky Friday (2003)
As a youngster I enjoyed the 1976 Freaky Friday, featuring the very cute and very butch Jodie Foster, and I did not expect to enjoy the remake. But pleasantly, Freaky Friday is one of the very few remakes that outshines the original. Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis have twice the chemistry of Jodie and Barbara Harris, and they actually try to act like each other. As far as the writing, the remake has something of a plot and is there anyone who doesn't think the Crypt Keeper line is brilliant?

Bring It On (2000)
This movie would have been worth the cost of admission if the projectionist had lost everything but the first and last reels with the opening credits cheer and Toni Basil's "Hey Mickey" homage at the end. Thankfully, the reels in between have memorable dialogue like, "This is not a democracy. It's a cheer-ocracy. I'm overruling you." "You are being a cheer-tator, Torrence, and a pain in my ass!" and Eliza Dushku playing the gayest straight character ever. Torrence totally wanted Cliff to go away at the end of the movie so that she could jump Missy's bones.