Music Crush: Mirah

cute girl in cute glasses,mirah

My crush on Mirah dates back to college and a friendship I had with a girl named Katie. She was one of those people whom I meet and immediately want to be friends with but I'm too shy to actually talk to because they just seem that awesome. But Katie really was that awesome and actually talked to me about amazing things and made me mixed CDs with people like Devendra Banhart and Wolf Colonel. And Mirah.

, Mirah. Not only is she a talented musician but she's a CGiCG as well (Cute Girl in Cute Glasses).

What I love about Mirah's music is that when I listen to her albums, I feel like I'm sitting at the kitchen table with her and it's a rainy day outside and we're drinking tea together and she's telling me things about herself that she's never told anyone before. With her gorgeous voice, sensitive lyrics, and intricate instrumentation, Mirah crafts songs that are both intimate and grandiose, from "Cold Cold Water" that feels like the musical equivalent of a spaghetti Western, to "Mount St. Helens" that compares the end of a relationship to the destructive force of a volcano, to "Love Song of a Fly" that describes a house fly's perceived courting of a human in similar terms as Rostand's romance of Roxanne by Cyrano de Bergerac.

Mirah has a new album of old stuff out called The Old Days Feeling, which is a compilation of some of her early material and B-sides.

Mirah - "Cold Cold Water"