Save Joss Whedon's 'Dollhouse'!

I don't trust FOX.

Over the years, FOX has canned some of my favorite shows (Arrested Development, Wonderfalls), shows that I really enjoyed (The Inside, Firefly), and shows that had a lot of potential (Drive, Undeclared).
FOX Graveyard
For the first time in five years, Joss Whedon is going to have a series on television. Dollhouse, starring Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy, Tru Calling), follows the lives of "actives" or "dolls" whose memories and personalities can be programmed with any persona, knowledge, or skill that they need to know to perform various assignments. Dushku plays an active named Echo who begins to become self-aware after her memory wipes.

From the premise, Dollhouse sounds like it will explore the concept of identity and it seems to have the potential to be a different kind of show every week, which could be a really exciting opportunity for the writers and actors alike. Besides Dushku, I haven't heard of much of the cast with the exception of Tahmoh Penikett (Helo from Battlestar Galactica), Mark Sheppard (Romo Lampkin from Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Charles "The Butcher" Walker from Medium), and Amy Acker (Fred from Angel). I like Eliza Dushku, but I have some doubts that she can handle the range that will most likely be required for this role. However, I'm happy to watch and see how she does. Especially if she does a lot of running in leather pants.

Dollhouse premieres tonight at 8 p.m. CST on FOX, which means it has been scheduled on the night FOX moves series to die, like the network did with Firefly. Perhaps premiering on Fridays will be good for Dollhouse, setting the expectation for ratings lower than if it were scheduled on Monday or Thursday, for example. But like I said, I don't trust FOX. There's that blank tombstone in FOX's graveyard. So I'm campaigning to save Dollhouse even though it hasn't even started yet.

Please watch Dollhouse. I know it's Friday and you could be going out but invite your friends over to watch Dollhouse instead. Trust me, it'll be cheaper.