Thinking about 'DRONES'

Amber BensonAmber Benson's third film DRONES is in post-production at the moment and will probably be shopped around to film festivals soon.

Unlike her first two films, Benson didn't pen this one – the screenwriting credit goes to Ben Acker and Ben Blacker of The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour. She also co-directed the comedy about office employees who might be aliens with significant other Adam Busch.*

Besides the fact that there will apparently be some accordion music, I know very little about the film. In fact, I didn't even know it was about office employees until very recently.

In mulling over the title prior to knowing this office angle, I considered it could be about robots. Or bees. Maybe even robot bees. Hopefully it's not about those little spy planes. My musings eventually led me to the idea of a down-and-dirty musical (à la Romance & Cigarettes) with Amber Benson singing about robots while wearing a bee costume.

Um, could someone please get on making that happen? Because that would be AWESOME.

Adam Busch could also break out his harp and toga (along with some indie rockin') and that wouldn't suck either.

*I was tempted to write "significant other and literal character assassin" but I didn't. The Tara-Warren connection still amuses me even though I'm sure the irony has long worn off for them.