Alyson Hannigan Had a Baby: or A Flimsy Excuse to Post Silly Pictures of Her

So Alyson Hannigan recently gave birth to her first child, a little girl. And even though she and husband Alexis Denisof didn't name the baby Willow, I'm excited for them. Hannigan and Denisof are pretty darn adorable.
See? Alexis is all, "Ooh! I'm gonna touch her boobs"! Or he's about to do the safety dance. I'm not sure which.

But Alyson's face in this next picture clearly says, "Neil Patrick Harris is grabbing my ass. It's awkward."
Alyson looks like she might be copping her own feel of NPH's behind and he's not minding too much. I think that Lily and Marshall are adorable, but I love it when Aly and NPH get to work together on How I Met Your Mother. I hope that Lily and Barney get over some of their antagonism so that there can be more episodes like "The World's Best Couple."

But can a robot lady learn to love?