Ginger Crush: Seth Green

I admit that I find it difficult to separate Seth Green from Oz, Willow's sweet, laconic, guitar-playing, werewolf boyfriend on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But if I can still get excited about Seth's presence in a project after growing up with Austin Powers, Idle Hands, and Without a Paddle, there must be something about Seth himself that tickles my fancy.
He has made better films since I was a teenager like Party Monster and The Italian Job, which are both fun, entertaining movies. He has been working mostly in animation since departing from Buffy, which is a little disappointing just because we don't get to see that sexy, slow smile of his. Robot Chicken isn't quite my brand of humor, but I gotta love a guy who loves stop motion.

And points for Seth being into Scrabble: he played in a celebrity Scrabble tournament for the game's 60th anniversary and plugged the new Super Scrabble during the Buffy panel at Paley Fest in 2008. He also seems to be very loyal to his friends, and I think it's kinda sweet how he ran interference for Sarah Michelle Gellar at Paley Fest by joking with reporters who became critical of her not previously participating in fan events such as the festival.

Also, he's short. Short men are sexy.