'The Closer', or TNT is a tricky bastard

I feel betrayed. I swear that the two-hour event of The Closer the other week, featuring a very special appearance by the incomparable William Daniels, was a season premiere and not a season finale, but I seem to be wrong. The previous episode was all the way back in September. Why the hell did TNT wait so long to close out the season?

I do not understand why I like this show. Is it Kyra Sedgwick? Does she have powers beyond human comprehension that emanate from her hair or something? I guess that I appreciate The Closer because it is a little less exploitive, a little less gross than the majority of the current crime dramas out there. I think the writing has become a little more melodramatic in the second season, but the stories are still interesting. The character of Brenda is also the large appeal for most people, I think. I like that Brenda is a powerful woman and that she does not diminish that power or act ashamed for possessing it. But she also experiences insecurities and doubts, though not in a way that turns her into a victim.