Paul Dinello's 'Strangers with Candy' (2005)

Sadly, this movie kind of sucked.

It kind of....wasn't funny. I love Stephen Colbert. Really I do. And I love a lot of the film's supporting actors, like Alison Janney and Chris Pratt. But the movie kind of sucked.

The plot is ridiculous, of course, but a ridiculous plot does not necessitate a film's failure. But an unlikable main character? That kind of inevitably causes suckage.

I'm sorry, Amy Sedaris. My friend really likes you and I'm willing to give you another chance, but you kind of suck in this film. Sure, you give Jerri Blank your all, I see that. But you do not seem to possess the comedic talent to make this unlikable character palatable and sympathetic for the audience. Look at Colbert. He manages it somehow. Maybe it was the writing, Amy -- the script was not serving any of the actors well. But you helped write the script, didn't you, Amy? On paper I like you, Amy. I like that you have a cupcake business and an imaginary boyfriend named Ricky. I like that you are so involved in rabbit rescue. And I think that you are super cute. I don't think that I will give Jerri Blank another opportunity to woo me, but feel free to hit on me in other capacities, Amy. In capacities that don't suck.