'Gilmore Girls': Wholesome Is Tasty

So far season seven? HAAATE. We're not at a season three low, but wait for it. I'm not blaming Palladinos or Non-Palladinos because I do really like some bits of the season. Some scenes have been deliciously old-school GG, and, dude, does it get any better than Paris and Doyle hip-hop dancing?

HATE, the first: The Marriage. The effing MARRIAGE. It's not so much the marriage, even though ARGGH!, but the mushy writing (or perhaps it's a miscommunication between the writers and the actors?) concerning the marriage. I have no idea how Lorelai feels about this situation. Most of the time she doesn't seem that happy, but when Christopher or anyone gives her a chance to say that she wants out she doesn't say it. And Rory? Does she have a reaction? I figured that after initially admitting her annoyance at Lorelai getting married without her that Rory would stew about Lorelai committing to something she shouldn't have. But Rory seems to be stew-free and not even that soupy even, at least in respect to her mother and father. In fact, she doesn't really seem to care either way. Which is WEIRD.

HATE, the second: Where's Rory? I feel like she has received all of five minutes of screen time this season. And with those five minutes, she has engaged in fascinating storylines like treading water in her relationship with Logan, meeting two hyperactive, melodramatic Yale quirks (who can never rock as hard as Paris rocks) one of whom has a voice Jennifer Tilly would find grating, and Marty? Boring! But Alexis Bledel? Acting fabulous, looking fabulous, and managing to interact with people a little less awkwardly.

HATE, the third: Luke. Let me rephrase: I do not hate Luke. In fact, I like both him and Scott Patterson very much, even though Luke acted like an ass last season concerning the whole April thing. But this season? I feel like he shouldn't even be on the show anymore since he broke up with Lorelai, especially since they are having incredibly strange, tension-free scenes together. At the very least, he should not be receiving as much screen time as he is. Sorry, Scott. I do hope that Luke and Lorelai mend fences so that I will no longer be annoyed by your on-screen appearances.

And maybe they use more paperbags than the average TV show, but until I watched Gilmore Girls I hadn't noticed that propmasters use extra-thick bags to minimize that paper rattle sound, which would necessitate a lot of looping.

I didn't think that I could love Lauren Graham anymore, but she loves The Sound of Music! And she went to a sing-along!